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Seamless Steel Siding

Home with J & S Steel SidingSteel siding has many benefits. Due to the nature of steels durability, common problems that exist with other types siding such as; chipping, rotting, flaking are nonexistant with steel siding and, even though it can be dented, it is rarely destroyed. Steel siding is also very resistant to both fire and water damage and there is no buckling and sagging with changing temperatures. Steel siding never has to be re-painted. There is no danger of insects causing damage to your siding. An occassional wash with a garden hose is all the care required.

In past years, steel siding was installed in a similar fashion to vinyl, wood or aluminum siding, which caused gaps inbetween individual sections of siding. These gaps would allow rodents and insects to infiltrate your home as well as cause a high amount of heat loss and water damage.

However, thanks to the creation of seamless steel siding, these problems are a thing of the past. Seamless steel siding is measured, cut, and shaped to meet the exact dimensions of each home and then installed. Steel is less expensive than real wood and can be installed directly over wood log.

Steel Log Siding

Steel Log Siding Steel log offers the timeless elegance of wood without the costly disadvantages. Seamless Steel Log Siding boasts a hand hewn log texture with no seams. Each panel is custom made to the exact length required. It is installed with 1 1/8 inch contoured foam insulation as backer and may be chinked for that authentic log look. Steel is more durable than fiber cement, aluminum, wood or vinyl. The heavy gauge steel is finished with a long lasting coating that resists stains, chipping, fading and much more. Extreme temperatures, rodents, insects and woodpeckers are no problem.

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